If “Rehab" is not nominated in every category, there’s a real problem.


Who's Got the Best Shot at Getting Nominated in the Record and Song of the Year Categories?
I'M NOT CRYINGand the reason why is because there are still plenty of positives left to consider. A few weeks ago, I discussed potential Grammy choices for Album of the Year, and now that the deadline has passed, it seems like the perfect time to take a look at the Best Song and Best Record nominees.

To do this, I consulted with the local brain trust (and I, of course, use the term in the best possible way), canvassing rockcrits Bud Scoppa and Roy Trakin, checking with Top 40 maven Todd Hensley and, last but not least, picking the brain of Ms. Karen Glauber herself. Between us, we came up with so many worthy candidates that we had to go with six, rather than the standard five, in each category. Here's what we came up with:

Best Song is a songwriter's award, but one that often goes hand-in-hand with the artist/producer Best Record Category. Dixie Chicks took both nods last year with "Not Ready to Make Nice.” Our six leading candidates, in no particular order, are:

Amy Winehouse, “Rehab”: On everyone's list.
Beyonce, “Irreplaceable”: The biggest hit on the list.
Feist, 1234”: We loved it from the start, and now that it’s happening, the bandwagon is forming quickly.
Kanye West, Stronger”: Gaining momentum and, again, a unanimous choice.
Taylor Swift, Teardrops on My Guitar”: We think Taylor will be a big factor in many categories and suggest everyone listen to this self-penned song, as well as the entire album.
John Mayer, "Dreaming With a Broken Heart": A Grammy fave has another hot new current record.

Also thrown in the hopper were Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around...Comes Around” (with a big push from Mr. Hensley), Gwen Stefani’s “Escape,” Elliott Yamin,Wait for You” (one of the most played of the year), Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah,” Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” (early, but growing by leaps and bounds—the people's choice), A Fine Frenzy’s “Almost Lover” (very early, but a classic in the making) and Glen and Marketa’s “Falling Slowly” (the song that powers Once).

Best Record:
Rehab”: Oh please, if this is not nominated in every category, there’s a real problem.
Irreplaceable”: Great song, great production…just great.
“What Comes Around”: More strength in the Record than the Song category
“1234”: Visibility from ubiquitous iPod spot is giving it the attention it always deserved.
“Stronger”: Lead track from year's biggest chart debut.
"Dreaming With a Broken Heart": This perennial Grammy favorite delivers once again.

Also considered were Fergie's “Big Girls Don't Cry,” Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” Gwen Stefani's “Escape,” Pink’s "Who Knew," Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops on My Guitar” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Radio Nowhere (although we think Bruce will walk away with Album and Rock category noms).

So we've taken a position, and now we want to know your reactions, favorites, etc. Hit us up at [email protected] and let us know just how stupid we really are.


Josh Groban
's album Awake is brilliant!! He has the most incredible voice of all time.
How could the Grammy people ignore Awake for best pop album???

Have you heard it? If not, you are missing out!

Louise Miller

I just love Elliott Yamin's "Wait For You"!  I'd love to see this humble being receive a Grammy.


I think you have lost it naming Taylor Swift for Song and Record. She is OK for a 17-year-old with her 17-year-old type of songs. There is no way she is getting those nods.

As for an offering for Song and Record of the Year from Country music, there is ONLY one choice and that is the profound and powerful song by Tim McGraw. His song, "If You're Reading This," should not only be nominated, it should win Country Song of the Year and overall Song of the Year without a doubt.

I saw that you mentioned Elliott Yamin's "Wait for you" as a possible nomination for "Song of the Year."  I thought a better song that was an even bigger one by a former Idol contestant this year was Daughtry's "Home."  It was nominated for an MTV VMA Monster Hit of the Year and Elliott Yamin's song was not.
What are your thoughts on Daughtry's "Home"?
Also, any thoughts on who may get the nomination for "Best New Artist" for the Grammy Awards?  My thoughts are the following artists may get the nomination.  What are your thoughts?
Amy Winehouse
Colbie Caillat
Taylor Swift

Any chance Keith Urban gets an Album of the Year nod?
Chris Bua

I just wanted to inform you about something concerning the upcoming Grammy Awards.  When an album wins a genre album or the Album of the Year categories, subsequent singles from that album are only eligible for Record of the Year and the Music Video categories.  Therefore, "Irreplaceable" and "Dreaming With a Broken Heart" are not eligible for Song of the Year since Beyonce's B'day and John Mayer's Continuum won genre album categories this year (Contemporary R&B Album and Pop Vocal Album, respectively).
Brian Buchana

I'm anticipating some Idol entries:  Fantasia in R&B and Daughtry in Rock and Best New Artist. Don't be shocked to see Kelly Clarkson in Rock or Pop (wherever they put her).  Underwood in Country, duh?  And my fingers are crossed that my own Kimberley Locke's "Change" will be in Best Pop Female. It'd also be nice to see Mandy Moore there. Josh Groban in Pop Male would be cool too. Nods for Mika and Rooney will make me happy; Rooney's "When Did Your Heart" is the best pop single of the year. Period.

Jerry J. Sharell
Dear Mr. Beer:

Interesting Grammy predix. It'll be a nice year for the ladies if you're right. While NARAS loves recognizing the young female ingenues in the General field, there are so many this year that one or two are bound to get shut out. It says here that Colbie Caillat will be one of them, though she may appear in the Pop field. Caillat's music may be friendly to the Starbucks demo, but there isn't quite enough substance to it to inspire General Field recognition.

Taylor Swift is a good story. Her album of pleasant albeit unremarkable pop-country songs plays perfectly to her core of teenage fans, and she's the rare country artist who has a MySpace page and isn't afraid to use it. But Swift didn't even have enough Nashville support to snag CMA or ACM nominations in the Single or Song categories. A CMA Horizon Award win would help her cause, and her people are campaigning hard for her against stronger candidates. I see a Best New Artist nomination for her, but nothing else in the General field.

From where I sit, Springsteen is the frontrunner to dominate the General Field, and Kanye West and Amy Winehouse represent his main competition for wins. The rest of the slots will probably be taken by established Grammy favorites.

Here are my predictions:

Record of the Year
, "Irreplaceable"  (Huge multi-format smash, NARAS loves Beyonce, "to the left" became ubiquitous.)
Bruce Springsteen, "Radio Nowhere" (Springsteen is this year's strongest candidate for a General Field sweep.)
Carrie Underwood, "Before He Cheats" (Was it submitted? It peaked during this Grammy year. The biggest crossover from a country hit in a long time, it's a great record, and Underwood is Grammy's reigning Best New Artist.)
Kanye West, "Stronger" (Well-received single from well-received album that is selling strong. Besides, everyone wants to see what Kanye will have to say about going up against the Boss.)
Amy Winehouse, "Rehab" (Earlier this year, the runaway favorite for Best New Artist. Now can she hold on long enough to snag multiple General Field nominations?)

Spoilers: Rihanna, "Umbrella," Fergie, "Big Girls Don't Cry," Gwen Stefani, "Sweet Escape" (All three of these women are in the shadow of "Irreplaceable.")
Paul McCartney, "Dance Tonight" (Will Macca be overshadowed by Bruce?)
Tim McGraw, "If You're Reading This" (If "Before He Cheats" hasn't been submitted, this would be the frontrunner for the country slot.)
Timbaland f/Keri Hilson, "The Way I Are"
Linkin Park, "What I've Done"
Justin Timberlake, "What Goes Around...Comes Around"
Pink, "Who Knew"
My Chemical Romance, "Welcome To The Black Parade"
Norah Jones, "Thinking About You"

Song of the Year
Feist, "1, 2, 3, 4" (Isn't it neat what happens when a song that isn't typical radio fare gets a chance and catches on?)
Beyonce, "Irreplaceable" (The standout on Beyonce's album.)
Tim McGraw, "If You're Reading This" (The country slot is usually filled by a superstar from the genre, and this Tim McGraw song deserves it.)
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, "Radio Nowhere" (Quality song that also happens to be right after the NARAS demo's heart.)
John Mayer, "Dreaming with a Broken Heart" (NARAS doesn't usually pass up the chance to nominate Mayer)

Spoilers: "Rehab" (Amy Winehouse's momentum has taken a hit lately but will NARAS mind?)
Norah Jones, "Thinking About You" (Jones is a perennial Grammy favorite.)
Alicia Keys, "No One" (Keys is another perennial Grammy favorite.)
Martina McBride, "Anyway" - (Her song is a long shot for the country slot.)

Best New Artist
(especially if her commercial explosion continues)
Chrisette Michele (probably won't make it in, but this jazzy chanteuse is very deserving, and NARAS always throws in one curveball nominee)
Taylor Swift (country slot)
Robin Thicke (subject to eligibility)
Amy Winehouse (the early frontrunner)

Spoilers: Colbie Caillat, Gym Class Heroes (the MTV VMA Best New Artist winner), Daughtry (Will NARAS nominate another Idol alumni, especially when the bandmates didn't even play on the album?), Mika Kelly (He could be the left-field nomination this year.)

Album of the Year
Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight
Paul McCartney, Memory Almost Full (NARAS can spread a little love for our wizened but still relevant set, can't it?)
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Magic (duh)
Kanye West, Graduation (duh again)
Amy Winehouse, Back to Black

Spoilers: Foo Fighters, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Maroon 5, It Won't Be Soon Before Long
White Stripes, Icky Thump
John Legend, Once Again
Norah Jones, Not Too Late

Interesting discussion. Thanks for getting me thinking.

-D. Vilas

No matter how long HITS keeps kissing the ass of the old model, Grammys, major labels, etc., etc., you will not fix the problem. You all have lost the battle by resisting the future. Just as Nirvana killed hair metal, the Radiohead boys will kill the major labels. It no longer matters about MTV, radio, VMAs, Billboard, sales... It's over and you should circle the wagons as artists no longer need labels... They need a management and consulting model to guide them. It's no longer about the label with all their excess... It's now all about the artist.
Dane Spencer
Aeria Entertainment

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