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iGEN by Ted Volk
The Place Where Radio and Records come Together Without Talking
THE ODDCAST- Mike Halloran & Max Tolkoff

When I started out in Record Promotion back...well, it was awhile ago I had the good fortune to call on Max Tolkoff and Mike Halloran.  Max at the time programmed WFNX Boston and Mike was at 91X San Diego.  I sure was intimated.  For me this was rushing the fraternity as these two gents were the rulers of alternative.  It took awhile to gain some respect with them as I think they enjoyed torturing the new guy trying to get into their club. Over time I gained some traction as I am sure it helped being the label guy who worked with Nirvana. As I fast forward to today they have started a podcast called The Oddcast.  It's really enjoyable to listen to.  The one thing about Mike and Max is they will give an unfiltered opinion because they aren't beholden to anyone. Well, those guys never really held back anyway! We don't have enough of that right now and to me its what we need. Check them out!