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iGEN by Ted Volk
The Place Where Radio and Records come Together Without Talking
iGEN Alt Streaming-May 4

I know we are all discussing streaming numbers currently.  This chart represents the top current alt tracks in the Top 50 from the Mediabase radio chart in relation to streaming.  I get my numbers from Spotify and Apple which makes up the vast majority of the streams.  It's only audio streams as I do not include video streams. This week we see a Spotify statement coming from King Princess's "1950."  It's something to clearly check out. AJR's follow up "Burn The House Down" looks legit as the numbers increase from last month to over 700k weekly. Electronic music also streams as you will see a real good debut from Odesza with about 500k. Fall Out Boy's new track is the best streaming numbers we have seen since "Champion." If you are in the rock business Bad Wolves is a winner. Some encouraging numbers with new songs from Mt.Joy, Bishop Briggs, and Wombats. Once a record goes to recurrent it leaves this chart but the long tail with streaming is still very strong.  Recent hits from AJR, Imagine Dragons, Walk The Moon and Alice Merton among others would all still be highly charted if we included recurrents.