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It’s getting more and more difficult to remember what week and day it is lately. Everything seems to be running together more than ever. It reminds me of when I was in high school and over the summer, I would have zero clue as to what the date was and where I even needed to be. The good news, however, is that there are officially 100 days left until Election Day!

In music news, RCA’s Lori G and Inca run Chris Brown X Young Thug’s “Go Crazy” to the top of the charts. It took 10 weeks and the track was up another 365 spins. Doja Cat’s “Like That” f/Gucci Mane (Kemosabe) is up 320 spins and moves up one spot to #8. Mulatto “B***h From Da Souf” climbs to #36 and is still developing. Make sure you spend some time with Wizkid’s “Smile” f/H.E.R., as they’re impacting this one in a few weeks!

Rick Sackheim and Dontay Thompson at Epic had an amazing first week with DJ Khaled’s “POPSTAR” f/Drake. This one was up 1,290 spins and debuts at #20! Khaled and Drake also have their second debut with “GREECE,” coming in at #38 on the chart. This one was up 265 spins and officially impacts on 8/4. Young T & Bugsey’s “Don’t Rush” f/Headie One holds its position at #6, up 120 spins. Black Eyed Peas’ “Mamacita” also continues to develop, as it was up 90 spins and is now at #17. Tyla Yaweh’s “Tommy Lee” f/Post Malone slides up 2 spots to #24.

Over at Interscope, Nino Cuccinello has Trevor Daniel X Selena Gomez’s “Past Life” gaining 175 spins and landing at #47. Meanwhile, Juice WRLD’s “Wishing Well” sees a 265 spin increase and has its sights set on a debut this coming week.

Columbia’s John Strazza and James White grab another 300 spins on StaySolidRocky’s “Party Girl” and maintain their #13 chart position. Chloe X Halle’s “Do It” is up 110 spins and moves four spots up to #27. They also debut the The Kid LAROI & Juice WRLD’s “Go” at #40. There’s also plenty of room for growth on this track.

Noah Sheer and Def Jam have Jhene Aiko’s “OTW” holding at #10, up 135 spins. He’s also proud to announce a double debut this week as YG’s “Swag” comes in on the chart at #33, up 345 spins, and Bino Rideaux’s “Brand New” lands at #35!

Lee L’Heureux and Geffen continue to build Rod Wave’s “Girl of My Dreams.” The track was up 235 spins and moves up a spot to #22.

Over at Republic, Davey Dee and Garrett Ream have Pop Smoke’s “The Woo” f/50 Cent and Roddy Ricch off to the races. It was up over 550 spins and rockets #34-23. They also have the Most Added track this week at Rhythm with Lil Wayne’s “Shimmy” f/Doja Cat.

Capitol’s Dixie Tipton has not one, but two records knocking on the door of Top 10. Lil Baby’s “Emotionally Scarred” is at #11, up 230 spins, while Migos‘ “Need It” is at #12, up 210 spins. Ne-Yo & Jeremih’s “U 2 Luv” is now inside the Top 25.

Warner’s B Dot Scales has Saweetie’s “Tap In” (Artistry/Icy) up 340 spins and sitting at #14. NLE Choppa’s “Walk Em Down” f/Roddy Ricch holds its position at #19 and is up 30 spins.

Most Increased:

DJ Khaled “POPSTAR” f/Drake (WTB/OVO/Republic-Epic)

Pop Smoke “The Woo” f/50 Cent & Roddy Ricch (Victor Victor/Republic)

Chris Brown X Young Thug “Go Crazy” (Chris Brown/300 Ent/RCA)

YG “Swag” (Def Jam)

Doja Cat “Like That” f/Gucci Mane (Kemosabe/RCA)

Buzz Records:

DJ Khaled “POPSTAR” f/Drake (WTB/OVO/Republic-Epic)

Curtis Waters “Stunnin’” (Curtis Waters/BMG)

Jawsh 685 X Jason Derulo “Savage Love (Laxed-Siren Beat)” (Columbia)

Juice WRLD “Wishing Well” (Grade A/Interscope)

YFN Lucci “Wet” (Warner)




Republic's Lil Wayne takes the top spot with “Shimmy” f/Doja Cat, nabbing 37 adds. Interscope’s J Cole grabs 30 stations out of the box with “Lion King On Ice.” Republic also sees Aminé’s “Compensating” reel in 20 adds on impact week. Interscope’s second entry is Juice WRLD’s “Wishing Well,” cleaning up 18 more holdouts. Epic’s DJ Khaled also continues to close out the panel with “POPSTAR” f/Drake, grabbing 11 more adds.


RCA’s Chris Brown X Young Thug take the #1 spot this week with “Go Crazy.” The rest of the Top 10 remains fairly unchanged. Epic’s DJ Khaled will debut at #20 with “POPSTAR” f/Drake, up over 1200 spins. Republic’s Pop Smoke will also have an impressive gain of over 500 spins on “The Woo” f/50 Cent and Roddy Ricch, jumping to #22. Look for a double debut with Def Jam as both YG’s “Swag” and Bino Rideaux’s “Brand New” will enter this week. Columbia’s The Kid LAROI and Juice WRLD also debut with “Go,” as well as Epic’s DJ Khaled with “GREECE” f/Drake.


The big news this week was Epic’s DJ Khaled dropping two Drake singles, “POPSTAR” and “Greece.” Rick Sackheim and Dontay Thompson are set to impact “POPSTAR” this week and the latter in two weeks. Black Eyed Peas’ “Mamacita” climbs 3 spots to #20, gaining 185 spins. Tyla Yaweh’s “Tommy Lee” f/Post Malone slides up a spot to #26, up 110 spins.

Interscope’s DaBaby finds himself back at #1 this week with “Rockstar” f/Roddy Ricch, further proving that big hits have a way of sticking around. Nino Cuccinello is just getting started on the Trevor Daniel X Selena Gomez’s “Past Life,” and it is off to a solid start, up 155 spins and off to the races at Top 40. They are also impacting Juice WRLD’s new “Wishing Well,” so look for it to have a solid week.

RCA’s Lori G and Inca take Chris Brown X Young Thug’s “Go Crazy” Top 3 this week, up 700 spins! This is the week they shoot for #1 and the path looks to be wide open. Doja Cat’s “Like That” f/Gucci Mane (Kemosabe) holds at #9, up 265 spins. Mulatto’s “B***h From Da Souf” moves back on the chart at #39. Make sure you spend some time with Wizkid’s “Smile” f/H.E.R. as they’re starting to set it up.

Over at Columbia, John Strazza and James White begin making the push for Top 10 with StaySolidRocky’s “Party Girl.” It was up another 300 spins and moves #16-13. Chloe & Halle’s “Do It” jump #37-31, adding 135 spins to their total. The Kid LAROI & Juice WRLD’s “Go” just misses a debut and lands at #43. It was up an impressive 275 spins. Jawsh X Jason Derulo’s “Savage Love (Laxed-Siren Beat)” is off to a fantastic start, gaining 240 spins and coming in at #53. This one is a monster at Top 40 and the streams are through the roof.

Def Jam’s Noah Sheer holds Jhene Aiko’s “OTW” at #10 with a 190 spin increase. Bino Rideeaux’s “Brand New” narrowly misses a debut as it sits at #41 this week, up 150 spins. Look for this to have a solid debut this coming week. YG’s “Swag” sees a 400+ spin increase and is #47 on the chart. On the building chart, its already #39 and will also debut this week. Teyana Taylor’s “Made It” is still developing.

Dixie Tipton and Capitol are looking at both Lil Baby’s “Emotionally Scarred” and Migos’ “Need It” to enter the Top 10 this coming week. They’re at #11 and #12, respectively. Ne-Yo & Jeremih’s “U 2 Luv” is at #27 this week, while City Girls’ “Jobs” moves up 3 spots to #35. It was up 70 spins.

Over at Warner, B Dot Scales has NLE Choppa’s “Walk Em Down” up triple digits and now at #19. YFN Lucci’s “Wet” is just getting started and looks to be a few weeks away from a debut.

Geffen’s Lee L’Heureux has Rod Wave’s “Girl of my Dreams” up 190 spins and at #23. It’s a week away from being Top 20.

HITCO’s Michael Williams continues to drive SAINt JHN’s “Roses (Imanbek Remix)” (Godd Complexx) towards the Top 5. It’s currently at #7, up 270 spins.

Most Increased:

Chris Brown X Young Thug “Go Crazy” (Chris Brown/300 Ent/RCA)

Pop Smoke “The Woo” f/50 Cent & Roddy Ricch (Victor Victor/Republic)

Saweetie “Tap In” (ICY/Artistry/Warner)

DJ Khaled “POPSTAR” f/Drake (WTB/OVO/Republic-Epic)

DJ Khaled “Greece” f/Drake (WTB/OVO/Republic-Epic)

Buzz Records:

DJ Khaled “Pop Star” f/Drake (WTB/OVO/Republic-Epic)

The Kid LAROI & Juice WRLD “Go” (Columbia)

Curtis Waters “Stunnin” (Curtis Waters/BMG)

Jawsh 685 X Jason Derulo “Savage Love (Laxed-Siren Beat)” (Columbia)

YG “Swag” (Def Jam)